"Welcome to my Journal-ish"


So the Mono Mono show is creeping ever so close, and I am crawling along when it comes to moving froward to the finished piece. I have been able to work in several styles so for long.. so that makes it hard to choose from time to time. I have had the final roughed out for a while now, but it was just a matter of decided on if I should paint it …. oooooor go digital. Finally tonight I made a decision, and will be sticking with it!! So wish me luck, and let us hope for the best. Until next time folks.


Day 40… Coming To A Close…

So we have come to the end of another 40 days.. 40 posts, and I really do not know what to say about this particular go around. Sure it started with a literal bang, but I honestly feel as if it is going out with a whimper. It is not really a bad thing because I have learned that not endeavor will be gold, but bit ha already made me look towards next year and try to think on how I can make this project work for the best. I would love to hear suggestions to anyone that would be willing share. So until then… I will talk to all soon. Happy Easter Folks!!

Oh … And is anyone looking forward to the Avengers as much as me?? :).


Day 39… Draw Something..

I am a little behind on the trend but a 15 minute phone call from a friend this afternoon made me download “Draw Something” for my iPhone. I do not feel bad about spending most of my evening playing this game because I feel this counts as my artistic endeavor for the evening :). Here’s to my new addiction!!


Day 38… I Need To Draw You…

It has become rare during my work day to see something that sticks with me for the rest of the day. Today was not one of those days… I ran into a character today that I just needed to put down in the pages in my sketch book…


Day 37… Monkeying Around..

Tonight I decided to pop in the dark knight and sketch on the couch. Here is what I came up with. With the completion of this I think I can now move onto the final stages of my next project.


Day 36… Another Non Post … Post…

Today I decided to take the day off in terms of doing anything artistically inclined. Instead I woke up relatively early for a sunday, and gave my place the scrub down it ha been needing for a little while now. Then I exercised and after rode into long island to hang out with the family for a little bit.

As much as I love to paint and draw I find I need a day of two away from it once in a while. Anyone else feel the same, or is it just me?

Btw… Did anyone check out the season premiere of Game of Thrones tonight? 🙂

Day 35… Catching Up….

Long story short. I decided to finally catch up on The Game Of Thrones. Damn… These people are effing CRAZY!! Nuff said…