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The Mono Mono Show….


It has been a little over a week since the opening of the Mono Mono show. I have to say it was a great show, and the mini cup cakes were RIDICULOUSLY good. Thank you to Brooklyn Cupcake for contributing to the show. But MOST of all I just wanted to thank Jen Moy (creator of Mono Mono) for the superb job of organizing, and executing the show opening. It was such a great time, and I got to meet a lot of new and interesting people.

If anyone out there still wants to see the show it will be open until June 19th, at the Gowanas Print Lab located at 54 2nd Avenue  Brooklyn, NY 11215. For those of you who will not be able to, here are a few pictures from the opening night. Enjoy!! .

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Quick Glimpse….

I figured this week I would show you all a better picture of what I have been working on for the Mono Mono show. The coloring process has already begun, but I wanted show you all the line work that I put together. My goal is to have a beautiful painted piece, but still try and keep the integrity of the original lines in tact. Let us see if I can actually make that happen. Hopefully the next post will be showing you a piece that is 99.9 percent completed. Until next time folks!!

So the Mono Mono show is creeping ever so close, and I am crawling along when it comes to moving froward to the finished piece. I have been able to work in several styles so for long.. so that makes it hard to choose from time to time. I have had the final roughed out for a while now, but it was just a matter of decided on if I should paint it …. oooooor go digital. Finally tonight I made a decision, and will be sticking with it!! So wish me luck, and let us hope for the best. Until next time folks.

Day 9… Unscheduled Time Out…

Due to upsetting reasons I do not feel right discussing on my blog at the moment, I was not able able to get my post up in time. For that I feel as if I should apologize to my readers.

And even though I DO count this as a post. I will try to make up for it in a way I have not totally figured out yet. So stay tuned….

Day 36 …. Get the Picture?

So tonight was another night of behind the scenes work for the upcoming SHOW, and revisions to my latest and greatest piece. I am hitting the home  stretch, and I am trying to finish it before this weekend is out. HA!! .. let’s see if I can actually stick to that. I can always hope =). Until tomorrow folks!!

Day 26 … The Beginings of Promotion.

Tonight I was knee deep in finalizing the promotional materials for the upcoming Transplanted Project show. Everything is just about in place, and I am hoping to have everything in place for this coming weekend. Also, tonight marked the first time I have used my Wacom Tablet since I had gotten my new computer a few months ago. And, frankly it felt great…

Day 24 … Quick Post …

No seriously …. I am running late at it is. But I just wanted to share with you yet another obscure shot of the progress of my recent painting. It also just happens to be my new favorite part. Enjoy.