"Welcome to my Journal-ish"


More Fun With Photoshop….

I have been debating posting this particular project for a little while now. Mainly because these images show me, myself, and my face. Up until now I have avoided showing my mean mug mainly because I felt it was a little too personal. Well needless to say I finally got over that and decided to bless you all with my wonderful Photoshop skills. But first a little back story…..

My senior year of high school (which was ages ago) was not exactly a favorite time of my life. For reasons I will not go in to I pretty much checked out mentally, andΒ  just coasted up until graduation. During that time we had to go through the usual senior rituals; one of which was taking graduation pictures. I cared enough to sit and take them, but interestingly enough I could have cared less about actually ordering the final prints. My poor parents were just left with the proofs with the usual watermark tattooed on the image. Looking back that was pretty selfish of me, so years later I decided to take those proofs, and try to turn them into something my parents would be proud of. So below are the before, in progress, and completed versions of Grad pics.

So what do you think?


T Minus Five Days Until The Mono Mono Show…

Just a quick reminder to you all that opening for the Mono Mono Show will be going down this coming Saturday (4.26.2012). All are invited!! Now of course I could not end this post with out giving you a sneak peak at what I have put together. I promise it will be fun, AND for a good cause. So I hope to see you all there.

Day 38… I Need To Draw You…

It has become rare during my work day to see something that sticks with me for the rest of the day. Today was not one of those days… I ran into a character today that I just needed to put down in the pages in my sketch book…


Day 36… Another Non Post … Post…

Today I decided to take the day off in terms of doing anything artistically inclined. Instead I woke up relatively early for a sunday, and gave my place the scrub down it ha been needing for a little while now. Then I exercised and after rode into long island to hang out with the family for a little bit.

As much as I love to paint and draw I find I need a day of two away from it once in a while. Anyone else feel the same, or is it just me?

Btw… Did anyone check out the season premiere of Game of Thrones tonight? πŸ™‚

Day 31… The Non Post, Post

Tonight I decided to take a break from the studio and head on over to a friends place for a nice home cooked meal. Fried eggplant, spinach, and red onions equals awesome! πŸ™‚


Day 30… Prep Work

Today I managed to start prepping for a new piece that will be hanging in a show in May. It is not much now, but give it a week or few πŸ˜‰


Day 29 … Raise The Roots…

Tonight happens to be another social event for me. But that does not detract from how important I feel it is. Tonight is the first annual Raise The Roots event. For those of you that want to be in the know, It was a show pit together by the teachers and staff of a charter school in Brooklyn. The event consisted of a silent auction, raffles, and donations that all went back to the charter school. In my opinion the show was a great success, but I am a little upset I got out bid on the product I was g at :). Oh well, maybe next time.