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Fun in NY

T Minus Five Days Until The Mono Mono Show…

Just a quick reminder to you all that opening for the Mono Mono Show will be going down this coming Saturday (4.26.2012). All are invited!! Now of course I could not end this post with out giving you a sneak peak at what I have put together. I promise it will be fun, AND for a good cause. So I hope to see you all there.


The Mono Mono Show!!….

I just wanted to use this update to remind you all that there are ONLY three weeks before the Mono Mono “Celebrate Life Through Art” show. I have mentioned it in previous posts, but I realized I did not provide a link to the event page. It is shaping up to be a wonderful event with nice little surprises sprinkled here and there. I am not going to give away much, but I promise it will be a good time. Also, do not forget that it is all for a good cause. Parts of the proceeds of the show will be donated to ART START, which is a charity after my own heart. So I hope you reserves May 26th, and come on down to the Gowanus Print Lab between 7pm and 11pm to check out the show. I am looking forward to seeing out all there =). Until next time.

Day 30… Prep Work

Today I managed to start prepping for a new piece that will be hanging in a show in May. It is not much now, but give it a week or few 😉


Day 29 … Raise The Roots…

Tonight happens to be another social event for me. But that does not detract from how important I feel it is. Tonight is the first annual Raise The Roots event. For those of you that want to be in the know, It was a show pit together by the teachers and staff of a charter school in Brooklyn. The event consisted of a silent auction, raffles, and donations that all went back to the charter school. In my opinion the show was a great success, but I am a little upset I got out bid on the product I was g at :). Oh well, maybe next time.






Day 28… Way Of The Dog…

**Once again I tried posting on the move, and it failed miserably**

I just want to take this time to congratulate Mu Pan for his highly successful opening at 3rd ward . As always the work he produced was amazing, and the space was jam packed with fans (some newly converted).  Now excuse me as I attempt to have a social life =)

Day 10… Finally Feeling Like Me Again…

I have to admit I literally (and figuratively) phoned in my post last night. I am aware that it can be easy just typing a few words and then just hitting “post”, and to be honest that is not what I wanted this exercise to be all about. So I will now make this promise to you… From here on out I will try my hardest not to just half ass my posts. I am aware that some days may be harder than others, but I want these posts to show some sort of progress or growth with every day that passes. So tonight I wanted to give you glimpse of what I have been working on for the Mono Mono show. Right now they are small doodles but like I am expecting these small ideas to grow into something wonderful. Who knows… none of these images may be fleshed out to completion, but these will serves as a stepping stone. I think I have mentioned before that sometimes the hardest thing is just getting started, and well… now I am past the hardest part. Now it is just matter of continuing to put pencil to paper. Until tomorrow folks!

Opening Night…

For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook and/or subscribe to my feed, then you would have already seen me congratulate all the great people that went into making the “The Spirit Animal Group Show” happen. If so… then too bad… because I cannot help but mention it again on this forum ;). Special UBER thanks goes out to miss Kristen Terrana-Hollis. If it were not for the intense efforts of this woman, this show would have never came to be. And I must say it was an overwhelming success. Not only was the art work amazing, but the turnout was massive(It was so great seeing old faces, and meeting new ones), AND the drink specials certainly did their job (For anyone that has never had Tiger Blood I suggest you head on down to the White Rabbit to partake in its wonderfulness!!) For those of you that wish you could have been there please feel free to take a look at the slide show below. Enjoy!!

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If that was not enough for you please head on over to FLICKR for more photos of the night. Enjoy again!!