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Apperently It was Steampunk Enough…

So a contributor rom the website Big Large Huge approached me a little while back to create and image for their website and facebook page. The idea was this… He wanted himself and the other contributors portrayed and Steampunk space marines throwing down with a bunch of sentient video game systems. It was such a simple idea, but had so much potential, so there was no way I could pass this up.

If you are a fan of sport,video games, I suggest you check out BLH, and subscribe to their podcast. You can tell they are passionate about their subject matter, and to me that usually leads to very fun and informative talks. Until next time folks!!


Is This Steampunk Enough For You?! …

Here is a very small piece to a project I have been working on recently. Some one approached me with the simple idea of “Steampunk Marines ripping shit up!”. What kind of person would I be if I had turned that down? ;). Look for for the finished image to be posted in the coming days. Until time folks…

More Fun With Photoshop….

I have been debating posting this particular project for a little while now. Mainly because these images show me, myself, and my face. Up until now I have avoided showing my mean mug mainly because I felt it was a little too personal. Well needless to say I finally got over that and decided to bless you all with my wonderful Photoshop skills. But first a little back story…..

My senior year of high school (which was ages ago) was not exactly a favorite time of my life. For reasons I will not go in to I pretty much checked out mentally, and  just coasted up until graduation. During that time we had to go through the usual senior rituals; one of which was taking graduation pictures. I cared enough to sit and take them, but interestingly enough I could have cared less about actually ordering the final prints. My poor parents were just left with the proofs with the usual watermark tattooed on the image. Looking back that was pretty selfish of me, so years later I decided to take those proofs, and try to turn them into something my parents would be proud of. So below are the before, in progress, and completed versions of Grad pics.

So what do you think?

The Mono Mono Show….


It has been a little over a week since the opening of the Mono Mono show. I have to say it was a great show, and the mini cup cakes were RIDICULOUSLY good. Thank you to Brooklyn Cupcake for contributing to the show. But MOST of all I just wanted to thank Jen Moy (creator of Mono Mono) for the superb job of organizing, and executing the show opening. It was such a great time, and I got to meet a lot of new and interesting people.

If anyone out there still wants to see the show it will be open until June 19th, at the Gowanas Print Lab located at 54 2nd Avenue  Brooklyn, NY 11215. For those of you who will not be able to, here are a few pictures from the opening night. Enjoy!! .

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T Minus Five Days Until The Mono Mono Show…

Just a quick reminder to you all that opening for the Mono Mono Show will be going down this coming Saturday (4.26.2012). All are invited!! Now of course I could not end this post with out giving you a sneak peak at what I have put together. I promise it will be fun, AND for a good cause. So I hope to see you all there.

The Mono Mono Show!!….

I just wanted to use this update to remind you all that there are ONLY three weeks before the Mono Mono “Celebrate Life Through Art” show. I have mentioned it in previous posts, but I realized I did not provide a link to the event page. It is shaping up to be a wonderful event with nice little surprises sprinkled here and there. I am not going to give away much, but I promise it will be a good time. Also, do not forget that it is all for a good cause. Parts of the proceeds of the show will be donated to ART START, which is a charity after my own heart. So I hope you reserves May 26th, and come on down to the Gowanus Print Lab between 7pm and 11pm to check out the show. I am looking forward to seeing out all there =). Until next time.

Quick Glimpse….

I figured this week I would show you all a better picture of what I have been working on for the Mono Mono show. The coloring process has already begun, but I wanted show you all the line work that I put together. My goal is to have a beautiful painted piece, but still try and keep the integrity of the original lines in tact. Let us see if I can actually make that happen. Hopefully the next post will be showing you a piece that is 99.9 percent completed. Until next time folks!!