"Welcome to my Journal-ish"

Day 14… So I Have A Story To Tell…


Tonight I would like speak on a recent interaction I had with a recent potential client. With this story I would like to open up a dialogue my fellow friends and Artists.

I had recently been called upon by one of my favorite authors to create a few images for a new project they are currently working on. Now of course I wanted jump at the chance, because in my head this is a once in a life time opportunity. But I quickly had to calm myself down, and approach the situation as a professional rather than a fan boy.
I replied to them asking the basic questions any artist should ask… ie: What will you be paying, what is the deadline, and what are the specifics you will be looking for. I promptly received a reply, and in turn was very underwhelmed by the offer that was presented to me. Not only was I going to be paid next to nothing for the job, but I was also asked to relinquish all rights to the image when it was complete. Now thinking I was being considerably low balled on purpose, i chose to reply with a much more reasonable counter offer, and explain in detail why I thought their original offer was not fair in the least. Ultimately talks broke down, and I regrettably had to walk away from the project.
Now… Just to put things in proper perspective I was being asked to do a job for 400 dollars where in the industry standard was at least 2000 minus royalties.
So the question I am proposing to you readers is this… What would you have done in this situation? And do you think that there is such a huge disconnect between professional artists and the clients seeking them out?

Now I am aware that things like this happen all the time. With that being said I would love to hear opinions and stories from my peers. I would also love to hear arguments from the other side justifying why a client would do business this way. I am not looking for any name calling or negative feedback. I am looking for reasonable arguments and constructive feedback. So please… I am eagerly awaiting your reply. Until next time folks.


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