"Welcome to my Journal-ish"

Day 11… I Serious Need Of A Figure Drawing Session…

Like the header says… I really do need to hit up a figure drawing class. even though I was able to sit down and put together a few sketched for the Mono Mono show. I have to honestly say I have had the toughest time putting ideas down on paper as of late. I do no want to make excuses, but I seriously do feel as if I have hit a creative wall. I need to knock the cobwebs loose, and I feel as if attending a few open drawing sessions may help. So… who wants to go with me? =)

Now with all the complaining I just did… I did manage to put something down to paper, but it was nothing substantial. Take a look at my attempts at Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory, and the fat guy from Lost and Alcatraz. Blah!


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