"Welcome to my Journal-ish"

Day 6… The First Of Hopefully Many…

I probably looked like a lunatic this morning sitting in my truck frantically scanning though my morning emails. After fishing through the usual Groupon ads, I found what I’d been searching for, an email from my Aunt Karen. After reading the subject line which stated simply “Art Exhibit” I proceeded to yell and pump my fist while DJ Private Ryan played over the truck speakers. I could not wait to get home and download the images from that email, as well as the 5 five that followed. So as promised I would like to present you with pictures from the first gallery show of “141”!!!!!!!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I cannot praise my Aunty (still Karen) and all who contributed enough for what they were able to put together. They did such a great job, not only properly representing each artist but also preparing the space while maintaining the old original charm of the property. I really do wish I could be there for the opening, but hopefully I will be there for many more in the future. Speaking of which, I will be posting pictures of the actual opening very soon. Hell… I wanted to post everything together, but I got very impatient. Stay tuned for those images and more, including bios of the artists involved (barring restrictions) in the show. Now, excuse me as I get myself caught up on the Walking Dead

Ps. If anyone is interested in knowing more about “141” , and the artists involved please do not hesitate to contact me at dobrien@lazarusink.net


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