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Opening Night…

For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook and/or subscribe to my feed, then you would have already seen me congratulate all the great people that went into making the “The Spirit Animal Group Show” happen. If so… then too bad… because I cannot help but mention it again on this forum ;). Special UBER thanks goes out to miss Kristen Terrana-Hollis. If it were not for the intense efforts of this woman, this show would have never came to be. And I must say it was an overwhelming success. Not only was the art work amazing, but the turnout was massive(It was so great seeing old faces, and meeting new ones), AND the drink specials certainly did their job (For anyone that has never had Tiger Blood I suggest you head on down to the White Rabbit to partake in its wonderfulness!!) For those of you that wish you could have been there please feel free to take a look at the slide show below. Enjoy!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If that was not enough for you please head on over to FLICKR for more photos of the night. Enjoy again!!


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