"Welcome to my Journal-ish"

Hell, Thy Name Is….. Back and Biceps

So … I am done with my “week 5”, and already two days into my “week 6” of P90x. I used to to think that Plyometrics were worst part of my week, but then came Phase two “Back, and Biceps”  work out. No joke when I say I found myself saying out loud “YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT NOW??!!” at a few points during that particular routine. I am sure those of you who have reached the phase two back and bis should know exactly what I am talking about. I woke up the next morning especially sore, but very satisfied none the less. Tomorrow I will be attacking that particular routine again, and I cannot wait how much further I will be able to push myself.

On another note, I have started to lose weight again. I have actually dropped 4 pounds in the past two weeks, and that makes me happy to see I am still on my way to reaching my ultimate goal. I almost feel bad that beach season is nearly over …. almost. Oh well… there is always Carnival 2012. By the way… who else will be playing in the Arch Angels section of Fantasy Carnival?? ;).

So not only have I been hard at work when it comes to p90x, but I have also been involved in a few other things as well. One of which is an upcoming group art show I was asked to be a part of. I will have more information on this in coming weeks, but for the time being I will leave you with a sneak peak of what I have been working on.

What ever could this be leading too?? We will just have to wait and see =). Until next time folks!!


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