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Note To Self….

Note to self…. When taking on a project or goal that requires you to devote a specific amount of time to it. Try you hardest not to throw a vacation smack dab in the middle of it.

So according to the calendar this was supposed to be the begging of week SIX of the P90x program. Well needless to say there was a slight speed bump in the way of properly reaching that goal. And that speed bump’s name is Trinidad. You see.. There was a last minute trip my sister had put together and decided to invite me along. The reason I ended up going were three fold. The first was just to relax, and have a good time with family. The second is a secret and will be announced at a later date on the Transplanted blog (hint, hint.). And three was to take in the official Carnival band launch of Fantasy!!.

For those of you who are not familiar with what I am talking about… This is the time of year where the major Carnival bands of Trinidad and Tobago have huge parties to introduce the costumes that they will be offering for the 2012 Carnival year. And when I say big, I mean BIG. I am still trying to regain all the hearing in one of my ears. But I digress… I had always been interested in seeing what went on behind the scenes of a Carnival launch, and I was fortunate enough to be granted back stage access, as well as a front row viewing on the opening night. All I can say was that it was a sight to behold. Music, drink, fireworks, and lots and lot of glitter and confetti. Do not think I neglected to mention the hordes of beautiful women, because you will see them in  the  few pictures  I took of my time spent behind the scenes. But as a warning what I took does no do the whole event any justice at all. Fortunately for you not only will I be posting my photos, but I will also be posting the  professionally shot behind the scenes for your viewing pleasure. Oh yea!! For those of you who are familiar with my family. You will be able to see them sprinkled throughout video either as helpers back stage or models. I cannot express enough how proud I was of them. So Enjoy!!

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Lastly for those of you who are curious as to what I chose to do about my lost week with P90x. I have decided to do the only thing that actually made the most sense to me. I have decided to begin again at week FIVE, and on top of that I will be doing the double session (Krys you were right!). I do not know how it will go over in the grand scheme of things, but I am determined to finish the program to the best of my ability. So what do you think? Is this sort of cheating? I am curious to hear what anyone may have to say about this. I will continue to post weekly on my progress, and besides this one slight hiccup… This plan has been working really well for me. So until next week folks…


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