"Welcome to my Journal-ish"

Aaaaaand we are “Recovering”….

So I am officially into week 4 of the fitness program, and according the schedule this is devoted to recovering from the first 3 weeks. What does that mean you ask?? Well … in laymen’s terms it just means no heavy lifting . Instead, this week is supposed to be combination of core work outs, cardio, and stretching.

Now … in regards to full disclosure I must admit due to a hectic schedule last week was a killer to complete. So hectic in fact that I actually missed a day. And continuing down the line of full disclosure, this week has not been any better. But I have good news folks, as of this morning I now find myself in Trinidad taking a little vacation, and taking in a major Band Launch (More on that in a future post.) So I figure I would take some of the free time to get back on track. So imagine waking up to a killer view(notice the picture above.), and starting off your day with a nice recovery work out. Jealous much? =)


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