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New Work out Plan…Day 3

So it ‘s officially day three of my new work out plan, and I figured blogging about it would be a good way to keep me motivated. I had originally hit my target goal weight back in May, but I decided to go even further. I had hit the proverbial plateau. For those of you that do not know what that means. It is the point where your body has become so used to your usual routine that it no longer to see any benefits from it.

Because of that I decided to go back to an old exercise routine that I tried about a year ago. I am sure most of you have heard of P90x, and for those of you that have tried it knows how difficult it can be. When I first tried it I feel off at about week three. It wasn’t because I was not seeing any results it was jut a matter of not being able to make the proper time needed to do it every day. So here I go again… this is my second go round, and I am determined to go all 90 days. I have a few friends that are a decent way into it, and the have pretty much inspired me to go for the gold myself.

Now considering I only came up with the idea to blog yesterday I am not entirely sure how I am going to go about doing it. So far I have come up with two ideas.  One was doing a short journal entry each day just talking about that days particular workout.The other was Journaling once a week just giving a broad overview of how everything is going. So we will see how that works.

Tonight was Shoulders and Arms, and even though I did get a good work out…. It was nothing compared the night before which was Plyometrics. It was amazing how sore my legs were this morning. Tomorrow I will be attempting to wake up early to do the Yoga portion. I used to do Yoga regularly a few years back, and distinctly remember the P90x version being pretty tough. So this will be interesting. Wish me luck!!

ps. Check out the the new Dumbbells I picked up today =)

Disclaimer: Now like I have mentioned previously in this blog, the main purpose for me doing this is strictly to keep my motivated on achieving goals I have set myself. If what I do in any way inspires and/or motivates all the power to you. Also… if you clicked on this link expecting to see new art work, then I apologize. But no worries because there will be a lot of that coming down the pipeline as well. =)


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