"Welcome to my Journal-ish"

So what now??…

So after the smoke has cleared, and the dust has settled from the putting together The Transplanted Project show, I am left asking myself what to do next. All the short term goals that I made just happened to coincide with the opening night of “Myths Be Told”. Ever since then I have been left with a little more free time than I care to have. The one lesson that I keep having to relearn is that I tend to fall back into a lot of bad habits when I do not have things to keep my preoccupied. Yes there are still goals on my list that I am trying to attain, but they fall over the  long term banner.

So far I have decided to continue down the exercise and fitness road. With the use of the APPS that I mentioned in a previous post I have managed to achieve my weight loss goals, and have even learned to love jogging again.  Things have gone so well that I even decided to tack on 10 more pounds to how much I wanted to lose. I am giving myself until July 1st to do it, and things considered I think it’s fully attainable. It’s just a matter of keeping up with the good habits.

I will also be continuing putting together new art projects for myself. What sort of projects you ask? Well…. I am not to sure yet. I definitely plan on continuing putting together work for The Transplanted Project, but that falls under long term projects. There are a few ideas I have been cooking up, but I do not want to reveal anything until I am able to fully flesh things out. But if you you are at all interested in what has been rattling around in my head recently; check out the image at the conclusion of this post. And as always stay tuned, because there is more to come.


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