"Welcome to my Journal-ish"

Day 40… ?????

So….imagine my confusion last night after I published my last post. You see yesterday was Palm Sunday, and in all actually should have been my 40th day post. I did a little miscalculating, aaaaand THIS POST should have actually been considered day ONE. I felt a little sheepish when I figure that out, and figured I would let everyone else reading in on the joke .

Now for all of you reading last year you may remember I ended on a bang of sorts. And this year I have to admit even though I am working towards an even bigger bang… It will not end on tonight. I am sure I have mentioned before that I have been working towards a show. It is something I have been working on for a while now, and it will all be coming to a head on May 6th. I have called it “My Baby”, and a “30th birthday present for myself” among friends, and I am very excited to see it all the way through. So even though there is no big ending to the 40 days… 40 posts series this year… It was all for a very good reason. I am definitely going to do this next year, and If you have any suggestions on how to make it better feel free to drop me a line.

For all of you that have been tuning in for the past few week I hope to see you are the Transplanted Show. And for the rest… As always there is more to come.


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