"Welcome to my Journal-ish"

Day 19 …. Getting the Reference Right

So tonight there will be no new sketch. Like I had mentioned I will be spending more time on a painting I have been working on. Now that I am in the home stretch I have to make it a point to pull is as much reference as possible. Even though my piece can be considered more or less a fantasy; It is always a plus when you can pull proper reference from reality. That way the observer will more readily become immersed in the subject matter rather than sitting there picking apart all the things that seem off about it.

Ever since the days of School of Visual Arts I have made sure to start building up a comprehensive visual Library. It ranges from Inexpensive photography books that I just happened to find on clearance, to production art books. There are times where I also find myself having to take the visual reference myself. Oh, and let’s not forget all the great stock photo websites out there. A few times I have even had to take pictures of  myself in order to get the lighting right in something I was putting together. And let me just tell you … it is awkward moment having someone come across those reference shots on my computer. The conversation usually starts with raised eyebrows, and them asking me what the hell is this. Then it leads into me pretending that I am not embarrassed explaining why I am half naked posing in such a manner. I has only happened a hand full of times, and I would say only two out of those five people actually believed me. Yea… you think after the second time I would just learn my lesson, and just hide it like any self respecting dude does with his porn. What??!! don’t judge… you know you do it. Aaaaand for all my relatives reading this…. I kiiid I kiid 😉


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