"Welcome to my Journal-ish"

IT HAS BEGUN!!! ….. Again.

As a precursor I just want to warn you all this is post will be a little on the wordy side. So if you are here for the pretty pictures..that will resume tomorrow ;). Now… back to our program.

WELCOME ONE AND ALL!! I would like to welcome you to the second annual installment of “40 days, 40 posts“. I gave a brief description in my last post on what that was. But just in case you do not want to go back and look it up… I will explain it again. I started a tradition last year where I pretty much told myself  “Self… you are going to post once a day for the next 40 days whether you like it or not.”.  Now if you are asking yourself why the hell I would do that….well….I asked myself that question many times during the course of the first run. But if you want the long story; here it goes.

In the Catholic religion you are asked to give up something for the season of lent (40 days). It could be something as simple as not eating chocolate, but me being me I decided to give up a few things one year. What things I gave up does not really matter. What does matter is the fact I had A LOT more free time on my hands during the season. So one year I got the bright idea that instead of lent just being a time of sacrifice for me. How about I turn it into a time of growth and development (I am aware what I said is sort of redundant, but it sounded good in my head.) I thought for some time what could I do that would be considered growth, and eventually hit me. I realized I had been drawing/painting less and less for some time, and I really did not like that considering art is what ultimately made me feel whole.  So the exercise was ultimately born out of  necessity. I took it upon myself to set the goal to draw in my sketchbook everyday. And as way of keeping myself honest I would post it online every day as well. Now… for those of you who kept track last year you would have realized even though I did post every day. Not all the posts were of my recent drawings. And well… there is a good reason for that. And that reason is….. the drawings of those days were particularly sucky.Yes I said it …. sucky.

So this year I decided to have at it again, and this time around there would be a new twist to the whole thing. And after some consideration here is what the twist is. Now try to wrap your mind around this folks, because knowing how I write…. this may get confusing. I have decided to make sure to fill up a sketch page  moving left to right before I move onto another one. To elaborate I would sit down to sketch for at least 90 minutes each day. If I did not fill up said page in that one sitting the first day..then I would continue drawing on that same page the next. And hopefully by the time I move of that page there will be a worth while composition staring back at me. Savy?? If this does not make sense now, I am hoping it will a few days from now.

Okay, now here is where I ask for audience participation. From time to time it may be hard to get the creative juices flowing. So I encourage anyone to suggest a theme from which I can pull some creativity from. It can be anything you want with the understanding that I can take the theme anywhere I want to. So if you are game feel free either drop me a line in the comment section. Or if you are friend with me on Facebook; you can post on my wall. So how does that sound? I am very interested in seeing how all this turns out. Wish me luck folks, and I will be seeing you tomorrow. Not literally, but you know what I mean…


ps. Kudos to anyone that can tell me what inspired this posts title… =)


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