"Welcome to my Journal-ish"

Starting Over…

So welcome one and all to my new home on the interwebs. I am glad you took the time out to visit. For those of you that may not already be familiar with me, you are more than welcome to visit my old blog at www.ldotink.blogpsot.com. Now even though this Blog will follow the same format as the previous one, my hopes are to expand on the content a little more. Are you now asking yourself what the hell does that mean??

Well… I am still trying to flesh that out myself. In other words this blog will be more of an experiment than anything else. All I am sure about is as of now I want to use this blog as a tool to help me attain certain goals in my life, while keeping an interesting narrative going on certain aspects of my life. The one thing I learned last year is that it is much easier to reach your goals, and keep yourself accountable when you let others in on what you are trying to do. So guess what people… you are now my audience… the ones that I plan on “letting in”.

Now if this post seems a little wordy to you, do not worry it will never be like this again. Frankly writing is in no way my strong point. So in light of that I plan on posting more original images and illustrations from here on out. So how does all that sound?


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